About us

The ​BoGoAtelier represents history, craftsmanship and sustainability through the connection between nature and man. Natural colors and comfort with fully handmade prints The Bogo brand focuses on finding the beauty in simplicity by offering unique pieces that have a positive impact on our environment. It's a new approach to clothing that is more personal and highlights artisanal savoir-faire. BoGo's inspiration is based on the five basic elements of life:





A new era of design that combines the known with the unknown, introducing the basic elements of life that reconnect us with nature.

Minimalist yet highly recognizable, BoGo has a strong identity but displays a global esthetic. It represents unity, the journey of humanity. Just as we are many and diverse individuals, we are all equally special and unique.

Behind The BoGo Atelier

Amina seck (AKA Amina Ladymya) is a model, entrepreneur, and young activist. She was born in Senegal on January 20, 1997. She arrived in Italy in early 2020 where she decided to settle down. In 2019 she was awarded KL's Youngest Entrepreneur Award for the creation of Atelier Bogo, where her African culture and European experience blend seamlessly. But it was in the same year that Seck's career took a step into the fashion industry as a model and content creator working with magazines such as Vogue, L'officiel and Vanity Fair and campaigns for brands such as Tod's, Brunello Cuccinelli, Hermes, Bulgari, Calvin Klein and others. Beyond that, Amina takes the road to self-actualization and continues to affirm, online and offline, her passion for humanitarianism. Growing up in Senegal, where her love for art and fashion was born, during her journey, she was inspired by the passion and craftsmanship of artisans in their work passed down through generations. In 2023, she drew inspiration from her travels and revived the BoGo Atelier, paying homage to artisan crafts by interpreting their work through modern design.

Amina honors the delicate feminine silhouette by taking people on a journey through West Africa and fashion.