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The Bogo

Baria Dress

Baria Dress

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Sleek and easy silhouettes, inspired by the modern nomad and her strong femininity. This dress is the definition of modern elegance and a classic silhouette. 

The ''Baria'' dress mean innocence and feature a traditional fabric to celebrate the different cultures of Africa. An elegant item for unique pieces collector.


100% premium quality cotton.


All measurements are shown in centimetres.

Care information

Dry clean or machine wash,
we recommend a gentle cycle at 30°C. Always make sure to wash separately from white and light colors. Do not bleach.
Tumble dry and iron at medium heat.

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Spring Summer 23

Our Brand focuses on understanding the fashion that our customers want by offering playful and unique garments .

The basis of BoGo’s inspiration come from the five basic Elements of Life:

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Metal

A new age of design  mixing the known with the unknow and bringing in earthy elements, reconnecting us with nature.

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